News, 15.09.2021

25 years with Vetropack

Not many companies today can be proud of being successful in business for more than 160 years as Vetropack Straža is. This is probably primarily thanks to the prudence and good decisions of its leadership. One such decision was finding a strategic partner in one of the most difficult moments of its history. It was 1996, after the Homeland War and the collapse of the Yugoslav market when the glass factory became a part of the Vetropack group.

With this integration, a period of significant investments in people, technology and infrastructure has begun, so as a constant progress and development. "In the past 25 years, Vetropack Straža has grown into one of the most modern European glassworks and one of the strongest pillars of Vetropack's team. But development is a living being. We have a new time ahead of us – a lot of business challenges, development, strategic plans, strategic projects and I am sure we will continue to successfully implement them, as we have successfully been doing in the past 25 years", strongly believes Vetropack Straža's President of the Board of Directors Tihomir Premužak.

At the beginning of September, Vetropack Straža celebrated the 25th anniversary with its largest customers and suppliers, as well as representatives of Croatian political and economic life and the local community.

On Thursday, 2nd of September, our biggest customers and suppliers, representatives of political and economic life and various other representatives of state institutions gathered in the Gjalski Castle. Firstly, the President of the Management Board of Vetropack Straža, Tihomir Premužak, thanked all those who contributed to the success of the factory, and then the guests watched a short film about the factory itself and the production process.

Nine days later, on Saturday, 11th of September, the factory opened its doors to the local community and celebrated this anniversary with its current and former employees and the residents of Hum na Sutli who have always known how important the factory has been for the development of their municipality from the very beginning. They visited the factory and were pleasantly surprised by the modernisation of the factory since the last Open Day six years ago.

Today, Vetropack Straža is an example of a modern, competitive and sustainable company which knows that its employees are the key to success. The company is export-oriented and shares all its results with the local community. It cares about the environment and knows that by investing today, it will get more tomorrow.