News, 10.11.2021

Award for environmental impact management

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at the Conference on Sustainability, the HRIO (Croatian Sustainability Index) awards were presented to Croatian companies that have successfully integrated sustainability into their business and stood out for the results achieved during 2020. We are proud to have received the award in an area that is extremely important to us and which is one of the key pillars of our business strategy - which is environmental impact management.

During 2020, a new, energy-efficient glass furnace was built in Vetropack Straža, which significantly reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions. An energy metering system has been implemented that enables accurate determination and evaluation of consumption for individual parts of production, as well as for the entire factory, and the adoption of solutions to improve energy efficiency. We are continuously working on increasing the share of glass cullet in production and it is getting higher every year. During the last two years, a project to increase energy efficiency and the use of RES (renewable energy sources) in electricity installations in the factory has been implemented, co-financed from EU funds. As part of the project, seven measures were implemented that enable annual energy savings of 3.6 GWh.
Our commitment to the environment is not just focused on the production processes. We are aware that for real and long-term change, it is necessary to change the daily habits of each of us, which result in the accumulation of waste and unnecessary consumption of energy and natural raw materials. Therefore, we carry out the gradual removal of disposable packaging, provide employees with the opportunity to separate waste as well as educate them about the waste.