News, 17.12.2018

Beer for refined tastes

Vetropack Italia produces the 0.75-litre cuvée bottles for the Italian beer from Piedmont-based brewery AnimA. With their elegant look, these glass bottles add a touch of refinement to the beer-drinking experience.

The bottle produced for the Anastasia craft beer from Italian brewery AnimA boasts an attractively harmonious overall design. There is nothing to distract consumers from the real star of the show: the 0.75-litre glass bottle and the sparkling beer inside. This exclusive bottle from Vetropack’s Italian plant in Trezzano sul Naviglio is cuvée-coloured and features a cork finish with an oak cork perched jauntily on top. The transparent label in blue and white blends discreetly into the overall look. In addition to the label, the back of the bottle is adorned with the engraved name "ANIMA".

AnimA’s Anastasia beer is a light and refreshing drink. Three years ago, the Piedmont-based brewery was named the best in Italy at the New York International Beer Competition. Its range includes a further five varieties and its passionate brewers love nothing more than experimenting with new flavours, as reflected in the blazing fire motif of the logo.