News, 08.12.2021

Croatia's recycling rate for glass packaging was 53% in 2019

The platform Close the Glass Loop published a couple of weeks ago data about glass recycling rates in the 28EU in 2019. While some European countries achieved an impressive 99%, in Croatia the recycling rate was only 53%.

Close the Glass Loop published data on recycling rates in the 28EU. An average recycling rate of 78% was recorded in 2019, which is a growth of 2 percentage points compared to the previous year. This brings them step by step closer to the target set by the initiative – to achieve an average recycling rate of 90% by 2030.

Most glass packaging is recycled in Sweden and Slovenia – an impressive 99 percent. In Croatia only 53% of container glass were collected for recycling. Although the consumers are aware of the benefits that the use of glass packaging brings for our health and environmental protection, the choice of products in a particular packaging material is determined by the type of product, price and consumer expectations. In addition to improving the packaging waste management system (legislation and the necessary infrastructure), it is necessary to permanently work on educating the public, especially the youngest.

Vetropack Straža can technically reuse all waste glass packaging generated at the Croatian market in its production process, all that is needed is an efficient collection system that will channel it to the industry. Old glass is the most important raw material for glass production and makes 60% of total raw materials, which significantly saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.