News, 07.07.2021

Diversity matters

At the end of 2018, Vetropack Straža signed the Charter of Diversity and by doing it, has entered the group of Croatian companies that recognise the importance and benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

By signing the Charter, we have officially committed ourselves to carry out the activities that encourage, above all, mutual respect, and above all the diversity and inclusion in the workplace. One of those is a picnic for our employees, the second in a row, on July 2, 2021 under the motto "Equal in diversity”.

At the picnic, there was a competition in cooking in the cauldron and there was a walk together, in an atmosphere where everyone felt welcome and comfortable. Socialising outside of work brings a more relaxed and inclusive relationship with colleagues. Respect is the foundation of every equal relationship and must be shown to every person and in every situation!

Organisations that recognise the potential of workforce diversity have a number of competitive and respected advantages, as well as a more comfortable and stimulating work environment. At Vetropack Straža, we focus on an increasingly intense awareness of our unconscious prejudices and stereotypes, as well as the benefits that different opinions and perspectives bring.