News, 11.10.2021

Donation of computers to primary school

One of the most important segments of the business policy of Vetropack Straže is corporate social responsibility. We are particularly proud of our ongoing support to the local community. At the end of September, we donated 11 computers to the Viktor Kovačić Primary School to enable high quality and effective computer science classes, and to foster creativity through the use of new technologies.

At the start of the new school year, Vetropack Straža was pleased to respond to the school’s request for a donation of computers to help implement modern teaching content. Since the IT room has been completed, our company has sponsored the equipment for this classroom.

During a visit to the school, managing director Tihomir Premužak stated, "Investing in the education of children and youth has to be high on the scale of priorities for all those able to contribute to the development of a knowledge society. We regularly support our local primary school pupils through donations to the school, and later by proving scholarships during secondary school and university".

School principal Biserka Špiljak thanked the company for its donation. "It is the vision of this school to offer pupils an education experience that is innovative, modern and focused on new technologies and entrepreneurship. It is a great challenge to secure the appropriate material conditions to achieve these goals. We would like to thank Vetropack Straža for recognising the school’s needs, for standing by our side, and contributing to the development of competencies that pupils need for life and for the new demands of the modern world of labour".

In recent years, computer classes have been held as electives only for the higher grades. However, in the last two school years, all pupils starting from the first grade have had the opportunity to take computer classes if they wish. A well equipped computer classroom is certainly important for achieving the goals set by this local school, and to develop individual affinities.