News, 31.12.2021

Donation of Hum entrepreneurs for Petrinja

For the tenth year in a row, companies from Hum na Sutli - Vetropack Straža, OMCO Croatia, Stražaplastika, BDF Servis and GP Špiljak - are joining together in the socially responsible business mission at Christmas time to help those in need with donations. This year, the ones in need are the areas affected by the earthquake, so they donated an auxiliary facility to the village of Jabukovac near Petrinja, where primary health care will be provided.

In last year's earthquake, the local clinic in the village of Jabukovac was destroyed and since then, the residents of Jabukovac and the surrounding villages have been provided basic health care services from a small container that does not meet even the basic conditions for work, so the mentioned donors donated a new auxiliary facility that will serve as a clinic. The donation is worth more than 155,000 kuna and the handover of the facility took place exactly one year after the earthquake – on December 29.

While our memories of the catastrophic scenes from Banovina are slowly fading, the locals still live in temporary and/or inappropriate living conditions, and this donation was received with great gratitude.

Renata Stanešić, director of the Petrinja Health Centre: “Our building in Jabukovac was severely damaged in the earthquake and is unusable. The medical team of the clinic works in inhumane conditions, in a container that does not have a toilet and air conditioning, and it is poorly heated.

For this reason, this donation is extremely important to us, not only for the Petrinja Health Centre and the medical team in Jabukovac, but above all for the residents of Jabukovac and surrounding villages who are treated in this clinic and who will no longer have to wait outside in the rain, snow, wind or summer heat and who, from now on, will certainly have far better health care. In addition, Jabukovac is about 15 km away from Petrinja, and traffic links are almost non-existent. Given that the population in Jabukovac and the surrounding villages is mostly elderly, this clinic provides them with security and a sense of functioning health care. On their behalf, I thank the donors from the bottom of my heart!”