News, 17.08.2021

The Cold End of the future

In February 2021, the Croatian plant Straža successfully finished a Cold End of the newest generation for the last renovated furnace. For this innovative and demanding project, Vetropack again trusted the ability of its years-long partner MSK.

For the last renovated furnace, Vetropack Straža commisioned into operation a highly flexible and innovative Cold End from MSK, supporting our digitalisation and automation initiatives as a key to sustainable business development. Despite COVID-19 challenges, the existing trust made it possible to carry out this project jointly and in a way that meets Vetropack's high-level standards and time limit.

MSK takes the wide variety of shaped bottles produced and conveys them through the multi-line checking area right to the palletisers. A dynamic bottle speed management system ensures that the bottle flow speed is consistently stable without unnecessary peaks. The installed MSK Triotech palletisers are designed to be highly flexible, and adapt themselves largely automatically to the alternating bottle types. The palletising systems are supplied with empty pallets and carton trays fully automatically.

All operations at the Cold End are coordinated and controlled by the MSK EMSY visualisation software in a standardised and operator-friendly way. In addition to stationary touch panels, Vetropack also has portable MSK EMSY move tablets for fine adjustments to drives and sensors on the bottle lines in the field, read speeds, or directly solve problems on location with graphic support.

For the first, time Vetropack has now decided in favour of a high-performance MSK Multitech shrink-wrapping system. It packages up to 80 pallets per hour in the peak and, because of its compact design, it only needs very little space. By using three film formats/thicknesses, Vetropack packages a wide range of pallets this way with the lowest possible film and energy consumption. Empty pallets with bottom film and a top-film sealing system ensure six-sided safe and hygienic packaging of the bottles, even when stored outside.