News, 23.06.2021

The Recycled Story

Adopting environmentally desirable habits can be a lot of fun for our little ones: Vetropack Straža has been sponsoring the Pinocchio Theatre's educational and humorous play "The Recycled Story" for years. All these in order to develop awareness of the importance of disposing and recycling glass among primary school children.

Given that children remember especially quickly all the things and situations where they actively participate, the Pinocchio Theatre has created an interactive play "The Recycled Story" in which they also participate in solving an unusual case with a container for glass packaging. The play is part of the project "Glass, our friend", which aims to promote recycling primarily among primary school students, but also to the general public. It was first performed in 2012 and since then it has been in more than 40 primary schools throughout Croatia every school year. After last year's break, the theatre has already visited schools in the Banija area in the early spring. And on the last day of the 2020/2021 school year, "The Recycled Story was performed in our local community. The students of the lower grades of the elementary school "Viktor Kovačić" performed in the green ambience of Vetropark, a park that Vetropack Straža arranged in 2013 for school children, as well as for all other fellow citizens.

Their cheerful participation during the performance and enthusiastic comments have showed us that this way of working with children has been very effective. At the same time, they are an incentive for us to continue working with equal enthusiasm on interesting and educational "green" activities for our little ones as well as for the benefit of our planet.