News, 30.11.2017

Vetropack Straža signs the Diversity Charter

Last month, the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development held the official signing of the Croatian Diversity Charter. Vetropack Straža was among the 34 companies that adopted and signed the Diversity Charter.

The Charter is intended for the business sector and other organisations that advocate the implementation of diversity and non-discrimination policies in the workplace and business environment. By signing the Charter, the parties accept that they will publicly support, protect and develop diversity within their organisation and in their value chain.

Diversity is the driver of development

It is well known that the key to long-term success of an organisation is making full utilisation of the potential of its personnel, their skills, innovation and creativity in their diversity. Differences in gender, sexual orientation, religion or belief, race, ethnic origins, age, invalidity and others should not be barriers to development. In fact, the opposite is true – this diversity should be tapped so as to develop the full potential of every person, thereby ensuring their fuller contribution to the development of the organisation. Diversity therefore it not a barrier, but is instead a driver of development.

Among the esteemed Croatian companies that have signed the Charter is Vetropack Straža. The objective of the platform is to stimulate companies to develop diversity and non-discrimination policies, and to develop an organisational culture that is based on mutual respect and the validation of our individual differences – principles that are largely an integral part of the Vetropack culture and Code of Conduct.

France was the first country to launch the Diversity Charter in 2004. Today, this platform brings together over 7100 signatories from 16 countries, encompassing more than 14 million employees.