News, 30.11.2017

Vetropack Straža wins CSR Index award

Vetropack Straža wins CSR Index award in the category of large enterprises

The Vetropack Straža glass factory from Hum na Sutli has received another official recognition for its corporate social responsibility. This is the result of ongoing efforts to ensure that alongside positive business results, the company is always focusing on its impacts on the environment and the community, its employees and business partners.

There are many positive practices that show Straža's approach to protecting the environment, its concern for the safety and satisfaction of its employees, its relationship with the local community, which the company considers to be the driver of the economic and social development of the region, its correct and long-lasting relationship with its business partners. These practices all show that Croatia's only producer of glass packaging truly lives according to the principles of CSR.

Among the numerous recognitions this company has received in recent years, the CSR Index takes a special place.

The CSR Index is awarded by the Croatian Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Croatian Chamber of Economy for the best accomplishments in corporate social responsibility. The Index assesses the social responsibility of companies. It is based on a ranking system that enables an objective assessment of socially responsible practices of companies, in comparison with the practices of others.