News, 04.06.2021

World Environment Day

Every year, on 5 June, World Environment Day is celebrated in order to further highlight the negative impacts of man on nature and to encourage systematic reflection on this problem and – the most importantly – on its solution.

Vetropack Straža has been implementing numerous projects which are aimed at environmental protection, no matter if it’s about the noise protection, the protection of the water, soil and waste, the working conditions, emissions or the reduction of energy consumption, etc.

Given that glass production is a very energy-intensive process, reducing the carbon footprint, increasing the share of used glass in the composition of raw materials, the energy efficiency of the production process and facilities as well as the electrification of internal transport have been one of the constant priorities of our factory for years. We have installed solar panels and used the energy which is obtained for our needs. In the last 15 years we have reduced relative carbon dioxide emissions by 20 percent per tonne of net production.

Aware of the problem of excessive accumulation of waste, we have been sorting it at the place of origin for years and disposing of it appropriately. Probably the most significant project in terms of environmental impact is the construction of a flue gas filter in 2015. Which helped us to reach the limited value of the waste gas emissions and to enable the usage of the same waste heat to heat the factory and the buildings of the whole complex.

One of our biggest challenges is collecting the used glass because in Croatia glass packaging is not separated enough. The culture of recycling should be adopted from an early age, so every year, under the auspices of Vetropack Straža, about a hundred workshops and performances about glass and recycling are organised in Croatian schools.

We are actively involved in the activities of the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers (Feve), which, among other things, launched the Friends of Glass platform, and last year launched a new feature for glass packaging, designed to highlight the health and environmental benefits of glass as packaging material.

You can read more about the sustainable business of the Vetropack Group and its green plans for the future in the Integrated Annual Report 2020.