Contact persons

How to find your contact person

Please select the goods and services you would like to offer from those listed below.

In case you are only serving one production site, please select the respective country and for multiple locations, select "Global". We look forward to hearing from you in English language. We will contact you as soon as possible.

For general topics please contact Ulrich Ruberg, Head of Corporate Procurement,

Your contact persons
Lead Buyer Energy
Kurt Hagenberger
Lead Buyer Transport
Andrej Hršak
Lead Buyer Soda
Ulrich Ruberg
Lead Buyer Raw Material and Cullet
Josip Radičević
Lead Buyer Packaging
Alexandra Porubska
Lead Buyer Indirect Material
Nicolas Piccolo-Leeser
Lead Buyer Investment Goods and Spare Parts
Ariane von Hänisch
Lead Buyer Moulds, Lubricants and Auxiliaries
Božidar Kunštek
Transport Logistic VPA
Alfons Mair
Manager Purchasing CZ&SK
Jarmila Ingrova
Operational Logistics Manager
Stanislava Prusova
Head of Dispatch Department
Draženka Grilec
Lead Customs Broker
Denis Makhov
Purchasing Manager
Salim Bouzenzana
Head of Purchasing (HR)
Sanja Debeljak Kitak
Manager of Supply Chain Direction
Robert Vrazic
Purchaser Energy
Alexandra Porubska
Head of Purchase Department (UA)
Jaroslav Girnyk
Purchase Manager (UA)
Victoria Kebkal
Supply Chain Manager (IT)
Luca Marini
Head of Purchasing (AT)
Harald Lechner
Assistant Production Planning
Janis Lämmerhofer